Thursday, August 27, 2009

I like what Mark Fusco is doing

I stumbled onto 1337 Wine on Blip Tv when I was looking for content for Wine Dining Channel and World Wine Tv. I saw his Creative Commons Licence so checked it out. What I saw was someone who was trying to feel their way around and who seemed at little bit unsure of himself but boy he stuck to it and he has now seemed to have found a groove.
I used the the Creative Commons Licence and put a couple of episodes on WWT. I've been watching since day one. I don't know any of the wines he reviews and probably will never get to taste them since they are not available in Canada. I however, like how he is sticking with it and is now developing his own path to reach a goal of getting his own wine brand.
Mark, I think you may very well read this so thanks for the shout out, I did promote your podcast on my channel devoted to all things wine outside Canada but Livestream has put storage caps on their accounts and I had to make some cuts. Canada is my main priority and that comes first but things could change and if I am able, I will put you on again, if you still have a Creative Commons Licence on your stuff. I'll be watching

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Mark said...

Hi! Thanks for the write up! I have no plans to stop using Creative Commons. I feel that my content is for any to watch and embed as long as I get the credit ;) It's been a great journey so far and you are right that I feel much better about my reviews after 99 shows than I did on show #1. Keep up the great work!